What is CAEC?


Our mission is to provide an ecosystem where the entrepreneur and your company can grow and be oriented to success. Striving to create an honest environment where we can apply and transmit the values we uphold benefit all.

Misión de CAEC


Harvesting own successes and our partners alike. Having a stable business ecosystem and in perpetual evolution. An optimal environment for collaborations, entrepreneurs and associations.

Expert Committee

Our Departments / Services

Our departments and services we offer to both Internal Business center companies as external are:


Our Sales and marketing department will handle you a plan tailored to your company. The analysis of competitors, market research, advertising campaign, campaign Adwords, etc.

Design and Web (SINT)

Our experts in technology as you develop your Drupal websites and Apps necessary for your project! see examples in www.is-newtech.com.

Mobile Applications (SINT)

Together with the Department of Design and Web creation, our specialists draw up your APP to reach more customers!


Our experts in audiovisual, internal department CAEC will draw up a video presentation of your product whether animate in 2D or production, where your product will be clearly explained in less than two minutes so you can spread it all your media, google, youtube , facebook, whatsap, etc.

Systems (SINT)

CAEC we do in charge of your requirements of computer systems, both local and online. Since backup servers, project management, tiketings, cloud servers, Amazon servers, etc.

other services...

CAEC also provides external services to businesses and individuals. Choose which you need on the left and describe us you need.
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